Premium Vapes

Made with the highest-grade live resin oil available today, Lighthouse Sciences premium vapes deliver the potency of fresh frozen flower in a sleek, convenient, and discrete package.


Live Resin Extract Vapes

Live resin extraction preserves the cannabis plant’s precious trichomes, cannabinoids, and phytocompounds, producing a superior vape cartridge. Get the premium medical cannabis experience you’ve searched for with Lighthouse Sciences live resin extract vapes.

Several Cannabis Vape Pens with Caps

Botanical Vape Cartridges

A licensed product for Bunji Vapes, Lighthouse Sciences’ Botanical Vape Cartridges offers the perfect way to reload your vape device quickly. Consisting of a .5g distillate cartridge, these devices utilize CCELL hardware, a highly advanced ceramic heating element that replaces the traditional cotton core. The cutting-edge composition continues with a ceramic tip, an actual glass cylinder, and no plastic.

Formulated with extensive quality control practices, Botanical Vape Cartridges feature organic botanical terpenes, recreating Bunji’s in-house strains. The result is the cleanest distillate available, with the current batch testing at 98.2% cannabinoids.

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