Premium Extracts

With a combination of innovative lab practices and a deeply rooted passion for cannabis, Lighthouse Sciences formulates small-batch, high-quality extracts.


Our extracts are available in both live resin and cured resin varieties, achieving maximum cleanliness through a pharmaceutical-grade filtration system.

Our cryogenic extraction process ensures the absolute best color, flavor, and purity possible, with fully intact cannabinoids and terpenes delivering potent effects. There are no plant waxes, lipids, and residual solvents—only pure cannabis extract.

Live Resin Extract

Cut straight from the plant, chopped, and frozen to retain moisture, live resin extraction preserves the trichomes, precious cannabinoids, and other phytocompounds. live resin is a dark or deep yellow concentrate, with a sticky texture that’s not too watery and not too hard.

Cured Resin Extract

Dried and cured fully before extraction, cured resin is highly potent, with the fresh flavor and aroma of the bud carefully left intact. Cured resin appears in various extract forms, such as shatter, creamy budder, sticky wax, and vape oil for cartridges.

Two Forms of Extract, One Standard of Quality

Lighthouse Sciences’ extensive purging protocols ensure that the final product—whether live or cured resin—is clear of any residual solvents, as verified by third-party lab testing. In addition, our Premium Crafted Extracts are packaged using patented “Calyx Containers.” This guarantees a protective seal that prevents loss of the treasured terpenes derived from the extraction process.

What’s more, all extracts include a custom laser-engraved dab tool.

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