Frequently Asked Questions

Lighthouse Sciences develops innovative and uniquely formulated top-tier medical cannabis products. Based in Ohio and staffed by doctors, herbalists, and passionate cannabinoid experts, Lighthouse Sciences utilizes cutting-edge, medically-backed cannabis research with the ancient art of herbalism to produce innovative premium medical cannabis concentrates, effective topicals, THC-infused honey, vapes, sprays, and more.

Lighthouse Sciences purchases renewable energy credits (RECs), supporting clean energy and displacing fossil fuel-powered electric generation emissions. Purchasing RECs also provides a demand signal to the market, encouraging greater adherence to renewable energy across industries.

Green Flower is the industry standard for cannabis education and training. Lighthouse Sciences is Green Flower certified, proving our knowledge, commitment, and skills in cultivating and processing within the medical cannabis industry.

Lighthouse Sciences works closely with on-staff medical doctors and certified aromatherapists to ensure all products adhere to the highest safety, quality, consistency, and innovation standards.

In addition, we employ one of the cannabis industry’s top extraction experts, Alex Sandorf. As our Master Extraction Technician and Lab Director, Alex brings Ohio a wealth of cannabis knowledge from his years in California and Colorado extraction facilities. 

Yes! Many well-regarded scientific and medical publications have made cannabis research available online. 

At Lighthouse Sciences, we combine medically backed cannabis research with the ancient art of herbalism for a full spectrum of medicinal benefits. Our on-staff Doctor conducts extensive research. He’s also connected with leading research efforts globally. 

From vapes and concentrates to topicals and THC-infused honey, Lighthouse Sciences products can be purchased at dispensaries across Ohio. Check out our Where to Buy page, enter your location and find your nearest medical cannabis dispensary carrying our products!

While you cannot currently purchase Lighthouse Sciences products on our website, you can narrow your search to dispensaries near you!

If you run an Ohio cannabis dispensary, reach out to the team at Lighthouse Sciences via our online contact form or email us today!

Lighthouse Sciences stands behind everything we make. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, reach out to one of our team members, and we will do everything to make it right for you.

Yes! Our medical cannabis products follow the standards and guidelines associated with Ohio law, including all required third-party testing.

In addition, all Lighthouse Sciences products are formulated in a sterile lab environment, ensuring the highest quality.

Yes! Lighthouse Sciences is fully aligned with the Ohio Department of Commerce and Ohio Board of Pharmacy’s Medical Marijuana Program – we possess a license to operate in the state.

We are a regulated medical cannabis processor and manufacturer of cannabis products. Our License Number is MMCPP00083.

Currently, cannabis is legal for medical consumption and illegal for recreational use.

However, several newly introduced bills could extend legalization to non-medical cultivation, processing, and safe adult-use cannabis products.

Should the legislation pass, consumers 21-and-older could buy and consume cannabis products recreationally, just like alcohol. So contact your legislative representatives today and make your support for legalization known!


Lighthouse Sciences Premium Concentrates are available in Live Resin and Cured Resin varieties. Both types of concentrates are clean and flavorful, packed with the taste and feel of pure cannabinoids and terpenes.

In addition, our Premium Concentrates are packaged using patented Calyx Containers, guaranteeing a protective seal that prevents terpene-loss in the product that can occur during storage over time.

We spend the extra money on packaging to preserve our Premium Concentrates, ensuring a best-in-class customer experience.

Many types and textures are available, including Crumble, Badder, Terp Crème, HTFSE Flan, Diamonds and Sauce, Terp Sugar, etc.

Badder refers to an extract that has been whipped to a smooth consistency and has a creamier soft texture.

Crèmes refers to a higher grade of badder produced using our proprietary process. We extract cannabis terpenes and THC-a diamonds and blend them in a specially built zero oxygen environment creating a creamy, smooth, and extra terpene-rich concentrate.

Flan is the best of the best, made from live resin diamonds whipped with refined High Terpene Extract Sauce in an oxygen-free environment.

The “sauce” layer from the diamonds, which contains nearly all of the Terpenes, Flavonoids, and Phenol compounds, is refined using a high-speed centrifuge to separate solid THCa and heavier compounds, leaving a water clear layer of pure flavor and aroma that we combine with the diamonds.

Expect terpene content well over 5% by weight, the smoothest consistency possible, and a near-white appearance. Flan is a unique and special product released in minimal quantities for the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.

The easiest way to consume cannabis concentrates is to use the provided dose-measuring device to dispense ~.1g quantities into your vaporizer bowl or attachment and inhale it.

However, dabbing is one of the most popular ways to consume concentrates and is optimal for shatter, wax, budder, taffy, live resin, and rosin. All Lighthouse Sciences Premium Concentrates include a custom laser-engraved dose-measuring tool made of 316 stainless steel.

As our extracts are higher in terpenes than you might be used to, for the best flavor experience, we recommend a medium-low vaporization temperature. 450f-550f will provide the best results and preserve the terpenes during vaporization.

Lighthouse Sciences utilizes a proprietary cryogenic extraction process at a frigid negative 102-degrees Fahrenheit.

This subzero temperature ensures no plant waxes, fats, soaps, or lipids infiltrate the final extract product, resulting in the best color, flavor, and purity possible.

We then employ pharmaceutical-grade filtration at .2 microns for maximum cleanliness so that nothing other than cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes comes through the extract. As a result, our final product is of the highest purity, potency, and flavor possible.

CRC refers to various methods and techniques for performing remediation of undesirable compounds during the extraction process.

This technique is widespread and can employ a wide variety of materials, including activated carbon, silica gel, a variety of powdered media such as clay, diatomaceous earth, or certain porous minerals.

While CRC can have a poor reputation among patients from its use by less scrupulous processors to hide poor quality biomass by scrubbing out color, it is a standard industry practice. When done correctly, provides a superior looking and tasting end product that is free from undesirable compounds.

Think of CRC as putting a final coat of polish on a work of art rather than the foundation on which the extract is built. High-quality input material, extracted at cryogenic temperatures, does not require much color remediation.

For that reason, we utilize only the smallest amount of non-reactive media, a porous agapulite/zeolite rock, as final stage dewaxing aid before pharmaceutical-grade filtration at .2 microns.

This ensures that the end product is entirely free of fats and waxes, which do not provide medical benefits and are not desirable compounds to have collected in your lungs.

Lighthouse Sciences Premium Concentrates delivers immediate potency, with long-lasting effects, delicious flavor, enticing aroma, and an overall experience that is potentially superior to traditional medical cannabis flower.

The direct impact of consuming concentrates is ideal for medical cannabis patients who require effective and long-lasting relief and want to maximize the medicinal effects without impurities.

Lighthouse Sciences produces two varieties of vape products: Full-Spectrum High Terpene Extract (FSHTE) Live Resin Diamond Vapes in an all-in-one disposable vape device, and Ultra-refined Distillate Vape cartridges for the Cart of Gold Vape Line.

Our FSHTE LR Diamond Vape pen only uses cannabis-derived live terpenes. The Cart of Gold Line uses a blend of botanical and live extracted terpene isolates, carefully curated to recreate the strain for which it is named.

Our convenient disposable, all-in-one (AIO) device is filled with the best liquid live resin available.

First, it’s made from liquidized THC-a diamonds, which then go through our proprietary process allowing for the complete mechanical separation of the live extracted cannabis terpenes and flavonoid compounds from the THC-a, which is then fully decarboxylated before being re-blended with the terpenes.

This ensures that the terpenes are never heated or oxidized, allowing our vapes to have an unaltered flavor profile you have to taste to believe.

Lighthouse Sciences Live Resin Diamond disposable vapes are designed for simplicity with no buttons or charging; simply put it to your mouth and inhale. If no vapor is being produced, you’ve got it by the wrong end; flip it around!

For the Cart of Gold product line, we use a 510 threaded CCell cartridge; screw it into your threaded device and use it as usual.

Storage: Lighthouse Sciences recommends keeping any vape products out of direct sunlight or areas of high heat.

If you encounter solidified oil, try placing the vape in a sealed ziplock bag and run warm water over the oil reservoir (using hot tap water) to liquidize the oil back down to the bottom. Be careful not to scald yourself or allow the vaporizer to get wet!

Lighthouse Sciences’ Live Resin Diamond Vapes are designed to be disposable, so they are not considered reusable.

While you cannot throw vape pens and batteries into the recycling for curbside pickup, these devices can still be recycled through the proper facilities. 

You can ensure used vape pens are disposed of properly by bringing devices to your local Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF). You can also search “battery recycling near me” for a list of locations that accept batteries for recycling.

Lighthouse Sciences THC-Infused Honey is available in four sweet and sticky flavors: Pure Natural, Lavender, Lemon, and Mint.

All the flavors are 100% natural with no artificial additives.

Lighthouse Sciences sources its honey from Ohio beekeeper and apiarist Dr. David Heilman, whose team gathers the state’s finest wildflower honey.

Lighthouse Sciences THC-Infused Honey features 1:1 CBD:THC 440mg:440mg per 4 oz jar. What’s more, there’s 12.7mg THC and 12.7mg CBD per half teaspoon dose.

As per Ohio regulations, all products must set an expiration date of 1 year following manufacturing.

However, honey does not expire when appropriately stored in a cool location away from direct sunlight. Our THC-infused honey, like regular honey, may darken and crystalize, but the honey remains potent and tasty for years to come.

In fact, 1,000-year-old honey unearthed by archaeologists from Egyptian tombs is still edible. The expiration date should not be a concern as delicious as our honey is!

Lighthouse Sciences recommends using Topical Sprays within one year of purchase to achieve the most effective results.

The product may lose some of its potency within this time, but it should still be effective in relieving symptoms in a targeted area. Avoid storing the Topical Sprays in areas of high heat as the essential oils inside can degrade due to heat exposure.

Apply Quiet Mind to the bottom of your feet, where your toes meet the ball of your foot, to absorb the essential oils and cannabinoids into your bloodstream quickly.

You can also apply it to your wrists and temples, for added therapeutic value. Once the spray is applied, deeply inhale the aroma. Patients can also spray Quiet Mind directly onto any areas requiring immediate relief from discomfort. But DO NOT apply the spray to – or near – your eyes.

To obtain the soothing medicinal benefits of Migraine Assist Topical Spray:

  1. Apply it to your wrists and rub it into your temples and the base of your skull.
    Do not spray directly on the temples as you risk spraying your eyes.
  2. Deeply inhale the aroma.
  3. Repeat as needed to quell lingering issues.

The essential oils in the product may create some discomfort when they get into your eyes. We recommend flushing your eyes with cool tap water until the discomfort passes.

Topical cannabis sprays contain phytochemicals, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

These compounds, when applied topically, do not have detectable psychoactive effects.

Instead, cannabis topicals work locally to relieve a targeted area of inflammation or discomfort.
Excessive use of the MJ Muscles joint balm, such as applying the entire jar at once, would likely result in sensorial effects due to transdermal absorption. However, no psychoactive effects will be felt in typical use cases (1-2 servings).

Just like other medical cannabis products containing terpenes and cannabinoids, MJ Muscle & Joint Balm could degrade over time, causing the cannabis within to lose potency.

Therefore, while using these products within a year of purchase is recommended, they remain safe for patients to apply indefinitely.

Avoid storing MJ Muscle & Joint balm in warm areas or direct sunlight. If your balm does get too warm and melts, we recommend shutting it tightly, shaking well, and placing it in the fridge to re-set it as a solid balm.

Lighthouse Sciences MJ Muscle & Joint Balm assists in reducing pain and swelling related to inflammation and sore joints, with no residual greasiness.

The balm achieves these benefits with 6:1 CBD : THC, along with a fast-acting, deep-penetration formula containing a blend of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and Arnica, Calendula, and St. John’s Wort.

Lighthouse Sciences suggests rubbing MJ Muscle & Joint Balm onto the affected area to relieve localized pain, inflammation, and sore muscles and joints.

MJ Muscle & Joint Balm works through a potent combination of cannabinoids and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

With 6:1 CBD : THC, Arnica, Calendula, and St. John’s Wort, MJ Muscle & Joint Balm is infused with olive oil for a creamy and smooth application. Wintergreen, Peppermint, and a Copaiba blend amplify its potency and effectiveness.

THC and CBD-infused skincare products such as balms and topical creams can be absorbed through the skin for localized, soothing effects.

This occurs because we have cannabinoid receptors in our skin.

However, the cannabinoids of THC and CBD cannot get into the bloodstream through the skin. Therefore, while you will feel physical benefits in the localized area, you will not experience the “marijuana high” from topical applications.

Each spill-proof bottle of Lighthouse Sciences Precision-Metered Sublingual Spray contains approximately 150 sprays. What’s more, each bottle boasts child resistance built in to ensure the medication stays controlled.

Precision-Metered Sublingual Spray delivers all the medicinal benefits of THC and CBD without the long wait for the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream. Sensorial effects should be felt within 15-20 minutes and achieve full strength within 30-40 minutes.

Lighthouse Sciences Precision-Metered Sublingual Spray is available in Hot Cinnamon and Cool Mint. The Hot Cinnamon flavor contains 1.4mg per spray for microdose control or active daytime use; Cool Mint contains 5mg per spray for consumers looking for more potent effects. Please note that each spray dispenses 1/10th of a milliliter, so multiple sprays can be used as desired.

To consume Lighthouse Sciences Precision-Metered Sublingual Spray, simply spray under the tongue and hold for 30-45 seconds, or longer if possible. After that, swallow and do not rinse your mouth for 5 minutes. Effects will be felt within 15-20 minutes. Try to clear all saliva out of your mouth before use for best results, as saliva (water) will interfere with absorption.

Remember to remove the tamper-evident tab from the front of the bottle before use.

All products in the Ohio Medical Cannabis Program are restricted to use by the designated recommendation holding patient to which they are dispensed and should not be used by anyone else, human or otherwise.

In addition, no products have been tested for safety or efficacy with animals, and off-label use on pets is strongly discouraged.