Precision-Metered Oral Sprays

A breakthrough in cannabis consumption, Precision-Metered Oral Sprays from Lighthouse Sciences represent the next generation of dosage control.


Find Your Perfect Dose - Then Rinse and Repeat

Formulated with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil to improve bioavailability, our Precision-Metered Sublingual Sprays utilize an ultraprecision-metered spray bottle so you can find—and repeat—your ideal dose.

A low spray volume delivering 1/10th of a milliliter of cannabis gives you the power to spray multiple times. Meanwhile, our lab-tested sublingual formula ensures rapid absorption. You’ll feel the effects within 15 minutes!

Available in two amazing flavors with different dosage levels:

Each spill-proof bottle contains approximately 150 sprays with built-in child resistance safety measures.

Hot Cinnamon

Hot Cinnamon THC Sublingual Spray

1.4mg THC/spray (for microdose control/daytime active consumption)

Cool Mint

Cool Mint THC Sublingual Spray

5mg THC/spray (for consumers looking for a stronger effect)

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