Premium Cannabis Infused Honey

Straight from the hives of Ohio’s most buzzworthy beekeepers, our cannabis-infused honey adds a drizzle of deliciously therapeutic relief to hot beverages and more!


As strong as it is sweet, Lighthouse Sciences’ infused honey features a 1:1 CBD: THC ratio, with a total of 12.7mg THC and CBD per half teaspoon dose. This potent expression of edible cannabis swarms the marketplace with four delectable flavors straight from nature:

Honey Sampler - 4 Pack

4 sampler jars of flavored Lighthouse Sciences Cannabis Infused Honey

Locally Sourced, Expertly Infused

Lighthouse Sciences sources its honey from Ohio beekeeper and apiarist Dr. David Heilman, whose team gathers the state’s finest wildflower honey. That all-natural product of the bee’s hard work blends with Lighthouse Sciences’ innovative extraction process, resulting in edible cannabis that accentuates the taste of honey rather than overpowering it.

Fantastic in hot beverages like tea or straight from the spoon, our premium THC Infused Honey is available in single 4 oz packages or a variety pack of four 1 oz jars.

Find an Ohio dispensary near you offering Lighthouse Sciences premium cannabis infused honey.