Cannabis-Based Wellness Products


Medically backed cannabis research meets the ancient art of herbalism across Lighthouse Sciences’ array of wellness products.

Produced in a sterile lab environment and guided by stringent safety and quality controls, our products are developed by a unified team of doctors, herbalists, and industry-leading cannabis extraction experts.

Our offerings include:

This is cannabis evolved, formulated in production facilities that are on par and Filtered to pharmaceutical-grade standards—augmented by the expanded horizons of ancient herbalism through our certified cannabis patient care specialist and aromatherapist.

Lighthouse Sciences gives you the purity you can taste, and the quality you can see.

Lighthouse Sciences Premium Concentrates

Clean and flavorful, with exceptional color and unparalleled effects, our premium concentrates shine with the taste and feel of pure cannabinoids and terpenes—and nothing else.

MJ Muscle & Joint Balm

Experience fast muscle relief thanks to THC and CBD, along with Olive Oil-infused Arnica, Calendula, St. John’s Wort, and pure therapeutic grade essential oils in a creamy and smooth application without the greasiness.

Migraine Assist

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are married to THC and CBD, helping reduce inflammation while offering comfort, relaxation, and pain relief without that over-medicated feeling.

Quiet Mind – Relief Spray

Ready when you need it with a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils, THC, and CBD, relief spray is a convenient solution to those unexpected moments of anxiety, sadness, panic attacks, and stress.

THC-Infused Honey

From the hives of our region’s beekeeper to your hands, our potent, THC-infused honey is available in Lavender, Lemon, Mint, and Pure Natural honey flavors.

Precision-Metered Sublingual Spray

Delivered with an ultraprecision-metered spray bottle, Sublingual Spray is formulated with MCT oil to increase bioavailability within minutes.

Precision-Metered Sublingual Sprays are fast-acting, replicable, and convenient.

Lighthouse Sciences Vapes

All in one device with a ceramic atomizer and no charging, preheating or unlocking necessary. Our Full Spectrum High Terpene Live Resin Vapes are simple, intuitive, and effective, with the highest-grade, cryogenically extracted live resin available.

Bunji Vapes

The East Coast’s premier vape brand, Bunji Vapes captures the essence of the rarest cannabis flowers, with full-spectrum THC and CBD distillates and terpenes, along with powerful CBC and CBG isolate.